Case Study

How turned an underperforming campaign into an award winner

  • dove into negative customer feedback and found that the anniversary campaign begged for a make-over
  • Solely focusing on positive customer experience, the company identified, by asking their customers, the conditions the email had to meet in order to be successful
  • After a brainstorm session by the CRM department and the implementation of its outcomes, the company nailed it by doubling the initial target

Preface: is an e-tailer committed to building longterm and lasting relationships with their customers. Delivering a perfect customer experience is one of the focus areas of their CRM strategy. And yet the anniversary email campaign that they had high hopes for was not hitting the targets. knew a drastic make-over must take place. They met the challenge head on and achieved success: the optimized campaign improved results radically. And as icing on the cake, it won them an award. How did they do it?