Case Study

How Paula’s Choice Skincare improved their emails with customer feedback and realised up to 29% sales increase

  • The email marketing and customer care team collaborated from the start and increased the email satisfaction scores up to 400%
  • Through the feedback widget they asked pro-actively about the customer experience rather than asking about purchase intention
  • Direct follow-up via the customer care team led to faster and higher lead conversion rates



Paula’s Choice Skincare is centred around ‘helping you find the absolute best products for your skin’. A very personalized approach. Yet their email marketing strategy was not equipped to be as personal. They wanted to see if the email channel could be more than a sales channel and whether they could use it to build better relationships with customers. Once they used the email feedback tool, their hypothesis was confirmed that pushing only flat promotions resulted in more complaints and a negative sentiment. With a better balance between content and promotion, the sentiment and feedback improved significantly.

Optimizations based on customer feedback has increased the email satisfaction scores up to 400%, Improved the click rate with as much as 44%, and some events have seen a 29% sales uplift.

Continue reading about their integrated approach and the steps they took to realize these tremendous successes through email feedback.